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Some have said that our stone veneer is so realistic, you have to turn it over to see that it is manufactured. Our stone looks and feels like the real thing because we handcraft each mold to capture every detail and depth of natural stone.

Deep shadow lines combined with authentic coloring produce dramatic effects in all our manufactured stone products. To achieve this, we select natural stones from unique geographic regions for every master mold and use only raw pigments and oxides for rich color. Additionally, instead of appearing only on the surface of stone faces, our colors permeate throughout the entire stone, giving each and every manufactured stone a realistic look with hues that last for years, even for exterior uses.

Add Curb Appeal and Value

Manufactured Stone Ranks 2nd Among Home Remodeling Projects with a Cost-Value Return of 94.9%*

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What's Your Grout Personality?

With traditional grouting methods, it is the grout that fills the voids between stones, helping to secure them in place and preventing rain or snow from penetrating the stonework.

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For the Professional in You

Professionally designed palettes for your home's exterior. Use these color suggestions to help you select harmonious color groupings for your home’s exterior.

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Choose Long-Lasting, High Quality Stone Veneer from ProVia

Chisel Cut™
Natural Texture Combined with a Chiseled Form

Chisel Cut offers a natural texture combined with a chiseled form to create a highly complementary stone that looks great grouted or dry stacked.
Dry Stack
Sophistication - provides style and elegance for any project

Tastes and trends change, but some things have enduring beauty that lasts for a lifetime. Dry Stack is a collection of carefully selected stone of varying thicknesses designed to fit together.
Character - at the heart of its beauty is its imperfection

Ledgestone's rough dimensional surface, jagged edges and varying surface area bring all the beauty and character of southeastern charm to this collection. Dramatic shadows between the individual pieces change with the sun's position.
Terra Cut
Thrilling shadows, stunning texture

Embodies key characteristics of weatherworn, coarse-grained, and coral style stones. This one-of-a-kind profile creates a striking appearance through a sensational amount of texture within each stone, as well as multiple dimensions from stone to stone.
Chiseled - its simple shape and natural tones add warmth and beauty

Roughly chiseled, square and rectangular surfaced stone. Replicated from stones originating in the midwest, this collection represents natural stone selections chosen for their exceptional shape, texture and character. Architectural styles dating back to the colonial period exhibit extensive use of this stone type in structures.
Easy, seamless and attractive

PrecisionFit stone is designed with a contemporary look, lots of character, natural color and realistic texture.
Random - irregular-shaped stone, crafted for a perfect fit

ProVia Fieldstone is our collection of rugged textured stone distinguished by its shapes and edges. Its uniqueness and character make an impression wherever Fieldstone is used, and the closely laid stones create its rich, natural look.
Natural Cut
Big, bold and beautiful

Our Natural Cut stone collection is a ProVia original. Its large stone surfaces with natural textures and irregular cuts, mimic Old World charm. Natural Cut adds design versatility and artisanship to many architectural styles.
River Rock
Smoothed by the river's flowing water

Inspired by the original stones found in rivers and streams all across the country, River Rock remains a popular choice.
Edge Cut
Unmistakable character with distinct lines

Edge Cut has well defined edges with the right amount of natural texture forming a remarkable balance and creating an awe-inspiring look.
Ridge Cut™
Rugged Beauty

Inspiring combination of nature's rugged beauty infused with charismatic contours that will create a distinct look for your next project.


It’s not just our mission, but a way of letting our light shine every day at ProVia. We continually strive to put these words into action by providing unmatched quality and service. The heart-shaped weep hole symbolizes each employee’s commitment to devoting the utmost care, pride and quality into each building product we’s The Professional Way.

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